Performance Organized

Using software from CAPS will make you Performance Organized. This means you can easily classify any portfolio at any point-in-time, identifying specific attributes important to its overall strategy. This is the most time-consuming aspect of complying with the GIPS® Standards, but with CAPS you will have the tools to easily maintain, analyze and report your investment performance.

The CAPS Software:

  • Provides efficiencies and integrity in maintaining composites;
  • Greatly reduces any chance of errors;
  • Improves your GIPS® workflow;
GIPS Report

How does CAPS help you comply with GIPS®?

Consider the GIPS® Report. Our software allows you to quickly and easily generate your presentations across all of your composites and pooled funds. On time. Without errors.

The CAPS software also allows you to control the information going to interested parties.

  • Performance Summary to executives and sales teams;
  • Gain/Loss information for RFP’s and questionnaires;
  • Unassigned Assets to portfolio managers;
  • and much, much more.

We have a better solution.
Let CAPS organize your performance.


"Without CAPS, I doubt that we would be in a position to claim compliance with the GIPS® Standards. In addition to the benefits of the software itself, the service that comes with CAPS is outstanding."

Ann Putallaz, CIPM
Munder Capital Management

"Having used many systems for composite maintenance, the CAPS system is the most user friendly I have encountered. The staff at CAPS are friendly and very helpful in every step from implementation to continued maintenance."

Nicholas Sroka, CFA
Paradigm Capital Management

"For years now, CAPS has provided our firm with the most reliable, user-friendly, and robust composite software we could ever ask for. Their GIPS® Standards expertise is invaluable to our firm. In addition, their exceptional and experienced support staff is always quick to respond in providing technical support as well as answering questions about GIPS® compliance. The support staff is first class!!!"

Rose Romano
Steinberg Asset Management