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Robust reporting Robust Reporting

With the CAPS software, you can confidently generate the reports you need with surprising ease: Customized GIPS® standards presentations, outlier analysis, performance reports, and a Verification Extract. With the CAPS software, reports aren’t the hassle they used to be.

  • Use the CAPS Verification Extract to quickly retrieve all the details you need for a verification/audit
  • Generate internal reports for improved transparency
  • Create custom report solutions and streamline your processes even further
  • Utilize a wide variety of reports built over the years to address specific client needs
  • Run reports for individual portfolios
  • Confidently produce reports fully compatible with the GIPS® standards

"CAPS is very easy to use. They offer an extensive selection of reports which are easy to run and understand, and meet the document requirements of our GIPS® standards verifiers."
Evelyn Lee,
Trilogy Global Advisors


To get a feel for the kind of reports available through the CAPS software, click on the report thumbnails below.

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