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GIPS compliance GIPS® Compliance

Using the CAPS software allows you to shift your focus from the manual process of building composites to other activities that need your time and attention. This, in turn, allows you to leverage our focus and expertise to help ensure your GIPS® compliance.

With the CAPS solution, you can:

  • Calculate composites using any approved GIPS® standards methodology
  • Tailor the system to meet and enforce your policies and procedures to construct composites
  • Quickly and efficiently create and report your composites
  • Customize composite presentations with your logo and user-defined disclosures
  • Enforce Error Correction Policies
  • Fully meet the relevant GIPS® standards

"Without CAPS, I doubt that we would be in a position to claim GIPS® compliance. In addition to the benefits of the software itself, the service that comes with CAPS is outstanding."
Ann Putallaz, CIPM,
Munder Capital Management


To see our disclosure management and presentation report click on the screen shots below.

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