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Composite integrity Composite Integrity

Is your current process time-consuming?
Error-prone? Is it complete? Does it provide
you with the details you need?

With CAPS, you get a comprehensive solution that:

  • Centrally locates all portfolios under management
  • Integrates with Axys®, APX, Eagle Pace™, PortfolioCenter®, Wilshire Abacus, and more
  • Makes it easy to identify and track changes in performance data
  • Enforces your rules and policies for your composites
  • Tracks changes to management style, restrictions, discretion, objectives, and other properties of the portfolios
  • Is fully compatible with the GIPS® standards
  • Allows you to define rules for policies and composites

"The CAPS system is easy to use and performs all the functions needed to manage composites in a GIPS® compliant manner. Having used many systems for composite maintenance, the CAPS system is the most user-friendly I have encountered."
Nicholas Sroka, CFA,
Paradigm Capital Management


To get a glimpse of the CAPS software experience, click on the screenshots below.

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