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About Us

Picture of David YuskaCAPS, Inc., founded in 1996, is led by founder, David Yuska. David is passionate about helping others achieve a higher level of productivity through software solutions. David has also been involved in the GIPS® standard-setting and education process and has served as Chairman of the United State Investment Performance Committee (USIPC) from 2011 to 2014.

Prior to founding CAPS, David spent several years performing verifications for numerous investment firms. This experience demonstrated that better systems were needed for composite management and GIPS® compliance. The CAPS’ approach is unique, with an exclusive focus on our clients’ requirements for composite management and reporting. CAPS has become an innovative leader in the compliance software market due to the exceptional focus and insight the CAPS team brings to product development.

Over 200 organizations ranging from boutique investment firms to some of the largest investment managers in the world have taken advantage of CAPS’ product offerings to improve composite integrity, automate composite management processes and streamline workflow operations.

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